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About Me

About Me

In 1994 we were just married, starting out our life together. We were like a lot of young couples trying to get ahead in careers that saw us working 50 – 60 hours a week and growing a little bit further in debt as we tried to acquire a few of the things everyone wants in life.

We naively started a traditional business with inventory, employees and a lot of risk only to see our entire investment vanish and our debt load increase even more.

We were broke but not broken and searched intently to find a way to get out of debt and improve our situation We knew there had to be some sort of business idea we could throw a good old fashioned work ethic into without having to invest any large sum of money (since we had already lost our life savings trying that!)

After investigating dozens of business ideas we found a simple but powerful concept that we were able to start part time from home on a shoe string budget that within 12 months allowed us to replace both of our annual full time incomes!

So I guess the question is, Why Not You Too?! Imagine waking up every day stress free , able to decide what you want to do! Imagine working with people you truly care about and enjoy spending time with. Imagine having a choice, a passion and truly loving life.

Today our passion is bringing others along with us on this Journey.

Curious? Have Questions? I’m sure you do. Contact us anytime. There’s no cost or obligation to find out more information and who knows perhaps you’ve discovered the perfect fit for you.

My Family Mark, Baxter & Sophie
Our 50th Birthday Celebration Week-end!
Business parter Shinanigans!
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